제 31대 남가주한인공인회계사협회 회장
Steven Kang, C.P.A

Thank you for your interest in Korean American CPA Society of Southern California (“KACPA”) and visiting our website. With over 300 CPA members in Southern California, during the past 31 years, KACPA has been a source of education, professional and social network for Korean American CPAs.

At KACPA, we believe that information and education are key ingredients for Korean American CPAs to succeed, not only in Koreatown, but in mainstream America. With monthly seminars (4 hour CPE to 1 hour CPE courses), KACPA offers its members avenues to grow professionally. I invite you to join us in our monthly seminars in Koreatown. We are working to provide these seminars via web so that Korean American CPAs, in other parts of Southern California, could also participate in our seminars.

As a bridge to the next generation Korean American CPAs, KACPA has outreach programs, such as Young CPAs Mixers and Professional Mixers. With increased participation by younger CPAs, KACPA is working to equip Korean American CPAs to succeed in mainstream America, via networking and information sharing.

As trusted advisor to our clients, KACPAs offers objective voice in deciphering maze of financial products. This is a role that KACPAs enjoy and value. After all, this is the role that CPAs are well accustomed to. For years, KACPAs have been providing objective assurance reports to banks.

Our relationship with banks is a special one, where the symbiotic tie both binds and reinforces each other. By working closely with banks, KACPA can demonstrate the professionalism and competency of its members.

The depth of experience of KACPA members is truly astonishing. Our job at KACPA is to recognize these talents and encourage them to develop the depth of these experiences so that they can succeed, while benefiting Korean American community.

I hope that you would join me in developing this talented pool of professionals, at KACPA, through participation or sponsorship.