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2020-2021 KACPA Board of Directors Membership

2020-2021 KACPA Board of Directors Membership Registration fee: $300 Term: 7/1~2020 ~ 06/30/2021 * 이사자격이 있는 분이 임원을 겸임하는 분들은, 이사 회비의 납부 의무가 있지만, 올해 임원으로서 한해만 임시 이사가 되신 분들은 납부 의무가 없습니다. Those who serve as directors and officers are obligated to pay director dues, This year's officers alone are not obligated to [...]

2020-2021 KACPA General Membership

2020-2021 KACPA General Membership Registration fee: $100 2020-2021 KACPA General Membership If you have any questions about registration, please contact Website & Broadcast Director. William Kim, CPA, (213) 268-6865, Sally Kim, CPA, (310) 740-3965, Korean-American CPA Society of Southern California 남가주 한인 공인회계사 협회