38th President Message

Dear all members,

As all of you may be well aware, after being declared a pandemic, the coronavirus continues to expand. The Los Angeles country has since set new records for the daily increase in new cases last week with 23,310 new infections, far surpasses previous week’s record of 17,128 cases. This novel coronavirus COVID-19 is impacting everyone’s lives. We as KACPA organization are not immune from this worldwide suffering.

Last week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “Do not host a party, do not attend a gathering, …, and we can’t afford to either.”

In these brief notes, I aim to provide our members with an integrated perspective on the unfolding crisis and insight into the coming weeks and months of this organization’s plans. Unfortunately, this includes cancelling a number of events.

We have been monitoring the circumstances with the Coronavirus outbreak and we believe it is in our best interest for our organization and community to proceed with our utmost caution.

Therefore, after conferring with the officers and members, we have decided to cancel the inauguration ceremony planned to be held at my house on July 25, 2020, which would have been a relatively large gathering. Thus, there will not be recording of this event in our website either.

Our first and foremost priority is always the safety and health of our officers and members. I would like to thank our members for your continued support during this challenging time.

Very truly yours,

Korean American CPA Society of Southern California

Justin C. Oh, President