President Letter


Dear Applicants,

My name is Lawrence Jeon and I am the President of the Korean American Certified Public
Accountant Society of Southern California (KACPA). Established in 1983, KACPA has become the
largest Korean-American member association in the United States. With over 500 members, KACPA
represents professionals in public accounting, private industry, government, education, and consulting.

KACPA believes in rewarding young college students in the Korean American community for
their academic achievements, service, and excellent leadership. KACPA would like to extend an
opportunity for students to be considered for our scholarship and mentoring programs.

KACPA provides mentorship opportunities to students aspiring to become certified public
accountants. The KACPA mentorship program pairs each student with a member of our organization.
Each mentor is an experienced CPA that can serve as a valuable guide to the student’s future career path.

KACPA’s mentorship program can open many doors for students by expanding their network and even
providing internship opportunities.

Additionally, KACPA grants scholarships to qualified students who excel academically and
demonstrate a strong commitment to the standards set by KACPA’s scholarship committee. Scholarships
are granted to undergraduate or graduate students with a major or minor in Accounting, Business, and/or
Economics. Evaluations are based on multiple factors which include the following: current GPA,
academic honor and recognition, civil service, leadership experience, and any other accomplishments that
may be pertinent to the Society. This year, about seven students will be rewarded with scholarships of $2,000(5) each.

If you have an exceptional student in mind that may be eligible for our scholarship program,
please submit his or her name, e-mail address, and phone number along with a few sentences as to why
you recommend the individual for consideration. Alternatively, you may inform your students about this
opportunity so that they may apply for the scholarship themselves.

Applicants can contact one of the members of the scholarship committee at
Our organization looks forward to developing a professional relationship with you and your colleagues.
You may find more information about the scholarship on our website at


Lawrence Jeon, CPA
Korean American CPA Society of Southern California